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Alkema Technical Glass Solutions, more than 30 years of glass experience.

About ATGS

Started out in glass business more than 30 years ago. Meanwhile a lot of experience with special and technical glass and related products for cleaning, polishing etc. Together we will find the best possible solution for your problem. We are located in the Netherlands and have a lot contacts all over the world. 


At ATGS there is a lot of experience with different glass related materials, products and production methods. At ATGS we are flexible and reply to your demands on a short term.

Knowledge on

At ATGS we have experience with all kind of technical glass demands like printed and tempered glass, high temperature use, low and zero expansion glass etc. Also high end use of cleaning and polishing and harnesses. 

About us

ATGS, your reliable partner in glass and related products.

Jeep Alkema

Jeep Alkema

Founder & CEO of ATGS

Started almost 35 years ago in the glass business, working for a glass manufacturing company in the Netherlands. After this period learning a lot in practice when joining some multinationals in glass and finding out all there is to know on special glass and treatments. Started out two years ago with ATGS,  an independent company for products and consultancy.

So, if you have a question or need advising regarding (special) glass, cleaning, polishing, touch, cables, and, power solar systems do not hesitate to contact.


Please contact us on following demands.


We can fulfill almost every demand on Technical glass with European quality and reasonable prices.


If you have a problem in finding a solution on new glass related products we can help you out. More to come.

Cleaning and polishing.

Also for special cleaning, sealing and polishing with extreme quality we can be of assistance. We can offer you the best quality without having the risk of damaging the glass.

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

If you are looking for high quality, quick response and a low price we have got the answer. Please ask us for simple wiring and also complex harnesses.



+31 6 53 23 21 87

Koeriersstraat 3, 9301SL Roden, The Netherlands